How The Dick Devos Has Meandered The Complex Intricacy That Is Public Policy Philanthropy.

The art of public policy philanthropy is a delicate balance between pleasing the right people and getting the right things done. In a recent article on philanthropy, a team of experts' debate on how well to go through the delicate balance that is public policy philanthropy. The group included Betsy Devos, Chester Finn, and John Kitley.

John Kitley has become famous for getting from Wall Street to help poor southern families with scholarships. John says he got the idea after his initial offer to help 700 students was oversubscribed by 12000 applicants. It nudged him to want to do more in a bid to reach out to as many people as possible. Johns initiative aims at taking the kids to the best schools where they can succeed.

Betsy DeVos is on the other hand motivated by the desire to prove that taking kids to the right schools helps. She has started an initiative where sceptics are taking to working schools to witness the difference. They get to meet kids in good private schools who are beneficiaries of her programs then meet the other children. She says the difference in quality between the two has always nudged the policymakers in the right direction.

Betsy started her initiative the late 80s with her husband, Dick Devos. They together run the Betsy and Dick foundation which has helped countless individuals in and around Michigan. Betsy is a highly accomplished woman in her rights. She for a long time served as the head of the Republican party in Michigan and helped her husband in his unsuccessful bid to become the governor in 2000.

Betsy today runs the West guest group with her husband in Michigan. The Husband, Dick Devos, is a well-known business leader and philanthropist. He became known worldwide after he led his father's company Amway to became a well-known distributor brand around the world.

When Dick took over Amway in 1984, it was based within the American shores with operations in only six countries. By the time he left in 2000, it was in 50 countries with over $ 50 billion in turnover.

Dick DeVos today lives in Spring filed Michigan with his wife, Betsy. They are blessed with two children. He is since retired from Amway and runs Windquest group. Dick is also an avid sailor and has won numerous sailing competitions around the world.;